Fire Of Your Spirit

Summary: Filmed in the Tabernacle in Israel, Messianic worship artist Sarah Liberman sings of the power of the blood. From the album "I am Before You". A beautiful worship song that captures approaching the holiness of God. Listen Now & Share.

Sarah Liberman is a worship leader in Israel and involved in a number of Messianic settings with various artists in the Land.

When I first heard this song, I was very moved. It has a fragrance of reverence toward God and an air of mystical spirituality; the direct access to God but still the absolute "otherness" of God compared to His creation.

One of the central refrains of this song is, "You are great and greatly to be praised". Deservedly so of our God.

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About Sarah Liberman

Sarah Liberman is an Israeli worship leader and songwriter who has devoted her life to blessing God's heart and lifting Him up. Sarah's passionate worship, birthed in the unseen place, inspires believers of all ages to pursue the heart of God in a deeper way.

She has personally experienced God's miraculous power and believes in the transformation that comes from encountering the true presence of the living God.

Sarah regularly leads worship in several congregations in the north of Israel, together with a team of young Israelis and travels to other countries bringing the unique sound of Israeli worship to the nations.

For more information about Sarah and her music, please visit her personal website,

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