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Passover Prayer Bulletin 2017

Summary: Some prayer points during the poignant season of Passover & Feast Of Unleavened Bread; that the realisation of Messiah's identity, prefigured in the sacrificial lamb, is made clearer this year.

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Shabbat Shalom And Pesach Sameach

It is Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Many Jewish families and those of us who identify with the Lord's Feasts, are enjoying the holiday atmosphere having partaken the Passover Seder and being mindful of the significance of the Feast.

The Jewish people remember their redemption from slavery and exodus from Egypt. The blood of the sacrificial lamb saved them from the plague of death of the first born as the angel passed over all homes covered with the blood.

Yeshua celebrated this most wonderful and prophetic of feasts with his disciples and used the symbols to speak of his own impending death and sacrifice for the salvation of all who accept the shed blood as atonement for their sin.

As followers of Yeshua and believers in His sonship and His sacrifice for us we can also partake in the commemoration of the exodus from Egypt as well as rejoice in the salvation through Yeshua.

We can also look ahead as scripture points us to the time when we will all partake of the Passover in the Millennial reign of Yeshua. (Ezekiel 45:21)

The Passover and for believers the introduction of the act of communion is a prophetic one. Yeshua said in Luke 22, that the bread and the wine that was eaten and drunk at the Passover supper was also to represent His body and blood which would be poured out for us.

The celebration of the exodus and the celebration of the death and resurrection of Yeshua are bound up in the Passover/Communion.

As believers in Yeshua we are called to be watchmen and to intercede day and night, not giving God any rest from our cries (Isaiah 62:6-7).

As we celebrate Passover and the remembrance of liberation and salvation lets remember our role to intercede and proclaim God?s invitation to all to enter into the salvation of Zion (Isaiah 62:10-12)

Prayer Points

PRAY for all who celebrate Passover that they may know the Saviour whose blood was given for their salvation.

PRAISE GOD for this time of Passover and the symbols which focus our attention.

ASK GOD to help us grow in our spiritual awareness and be strengthened as we observe this Passover.

PRAY that God will protect Israel during the holiday time when her enemies may be more inclined to attack.

Thank you for joining us in praying. May God bless you.
Have a wonderful Shabbat and blessed weekend.

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Nichola Yael Jupp is Director of Return To Zion. She brings her growing understanding of Israel's biblical mandate to her work and has a desire to see the wider Church embrace and fully understand God's purposes for Israel and the Jewish people in these challenging times.

She writes from her own journey of discovery into her unique role as a 'grafted in branch' of the olive tree of Israel. She imparts, through her writing and reviews, her perspective on biblical issues and wider material by others that she believes is of benefit for all in understanding contemporary events and an appropriate biblical response.

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