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Israel Prayer Bulletin: Feb 17 2017

Summary: Points for prayer gathered from events and news over the past week. This week: Netanyahu meets Trump in Washington, good relations; Hamas appoint new hardman in Gaza and praying through some of Israel's current domestic needs.

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Shabbat Shalom

It is good to give thanks and praise to God. Psalm 92:1-2, A Song for the Sabbath: "It is good to give thanks to the LORD, to sing praises to your name, O Most High; to declare your steadfast love in the morning, and your faithfulness by night."

We worship God who is constant and unchanging. He is faithful even when we are not; 2 Timothy 2:13: "His mercies are poured out although we are undeserving. His high above all other things and worthy of all our praise."
Psalm 95:3: "For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods."

Netanyahu Meets Trump

GIVE THANKS for the obvious warmth and mutual understanding shown in this meeting.

PRAY that Trump will honour his word to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

GIVE THANKS for VP Mike Pence and his faith in Yeshua.

PRAY that he'll be bold and firm in his faith and continue to be strong in his stance towards Israel.

PRAY that the restrengthening of US links with Israel will be lasting.

PRAY that the will of God may override any plans of men.

GIVE THANKS for the agreed understanding between Netanyahu and Trump that the Iran nuclear deal was a mistake and that Iran pose a real danger.

PRAY for great and Godly wisdom for Netanyahu as he returns to Israel and deals with the internal affairs regarding settlements and security.

New Leader of Hamas in Gaza

Yahya Sinwar is to succeed Haniya as leader of the bureau in Gaza. Sinwar is one of the prisoners released from Israel in the Shalit prisoner exchange in 2011. He is a hardline man with uncompromising ideals and is a threat to Israel.

PRAY that his influence will be ineffective and limited.

PRAY that the Israeli defences will be strong and ready to resist attack as the summer approaches and the threat of attacks from Gaza looms larger.

PRAY that the IDF intelligence will be up to date and accurate and that Israel will defeat an attacks.

GIVE THANKS that Israel has a leader in Netanyahu who is concerned about Israel's security and determined to see the nation secure and thrive.

Israel's Domestic Needs

Israel has been blessed in to a fruitful and abundant land. The nations innovative and creative hard work has been blessed by God.

PRAY that Israel will continue to be able to feed and sustain her population and that there will be sufficient water for all.

GIVE THANKS for the productivity that hardship has facilitated.

PRAY that God will continue use Israel to bless other nations according to His perfect will and purpose.

Thank you for joining us in praying. May God bless you.
Have a wonderful Shabbat and blessed weekend.

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Nichola Yael Jupp is Director of Return To Zion. She brings her growing understanding of Israel's biblical mandate to her work and has a desire to see the wider Church embrace and fully understand God's purposes for Israel and the Jewish people in these challenging times.

She writes from her own journey of discovery into her unique role as a 'grafted in branch' of the olive tree of Israel. She imparts, through her writing and reviews, her perspective on biblical issues and wider material by others that she believes is of benefit for all in understanding contemporary events and an appropriate biblical response.

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