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Thank You For 2016

Summary: We want to thank all those who have followed us and prayed with us through 2016 - what a year. much good and sadly much bad through the continuing trends in the world. But God is at work. Blessings to all over the holiday season!

What a wonderful year for Nichola Yael and myself here at Return To Zion, a sense of the Lord's hand upon us and a furthering of the ministry He has called us into; to make known His purposes for Israel, the Church and the nations.

The year has witnessed a deepening of the crisis throughout the Middle East, in Syria and Iraq as forces with differing, extremist ideologies and regional goals, have fought for supremacy, at the appalling cost of human life.

Iran's dark shadow stretches further abroad whilst the West deals with the deep discontent and mistrust of the European Union; and America weighs up the future under the incoming presidency of Donald Trump.

Israel, too, has experienced ongoing violence and still stands in danger of the wider Middle East battle against IS coming to its borders, threatening to engulf the Jewish State in another unwanted existential battle for survival.

The Church throughout the Middle East and further afield groans under intensified persecution, much with state sponsorship and prevalent injustices carried out against church leaders and historic Christian communities.

However, at the same time, reports are frequent and increasing of the growth of the Church through all the pain of conflict. Despite all the tragedy around, many elements of the Church in the Middle East are flourishing in the hardship and rising stronger, maturer and more committed to boldly stand for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

May God continue this whilst providing comfort to the many who suffer for their faith. This is unlikely to abate in the coming years. Certainly Scripture alludes to it worsening before the return of the Lord.

In all of these scenarios, God has laid it on our hearts to be an interceding ministry first and foremost for what is unfolding across the nations, the Church and for Israel.

Our call is to pray as we analyse events before us and make biblical sense of them, to inform believers of their significance and urge a response that honours God, His word and your own walk of faith in these days.

We are committed to bringing you helpful, biblical, prophetic insights into the events of our generation and this we undertake in obedience to the call we have from the Lord.

Encouragement has come from many in confirming that what we have set out to do, vis-a-vis the above, has been helpful and for some, life-changing in a new understanding of the Bible and current affairs.

Now is the time to expand our outreach.....

Now as we are about to go into 2017, we are moving our ministry base and committing FULL TIME to this urgent mandate on our hearts.

There are costs associated with this and God has been faithful to meet them throughout 2016.

Please consider the following....

Partnering With Return To Zion Ministries

1. Commit to PRAY regularly for us, our needs and our covering as the battle intensifies for TRUTH.

2. Commit to financially GIVE, either ONE off or a MONTHLY recurring payment.

Email us or reply to this email and tell us you will stand with us in prayer before the Lord.

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Help us reach further with the message of Jesus Christ, the unchanging word of God and the coming redemption in the nations and among the Jewish people.

Thank you for supporting us throughout 2016.
A peaceful Christmas and Holiday Season to you all, dear friends!

Ian & Nichola Yael Jupp

About Ian Jupp

Ian Jupp is Executive Director of Return To Zion Ministries.
Ian's experience as a communicator, pastor, writer, teacher and his understanding of the Middle East, Israel, The Church and God's purposes, place him in a unique position to provide timely commentary on the urgent, prophetic events that are unfolding in our day.
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