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Fall Feasts Study Resource

Summary: We have combined our three Fall Feasts teachings into one convenient study resource, ready to use. You can download it immediately in either PDF or Kindle format.

The Feasts of ancient Israel's calendar provide a colourful and educational window into God's dealings with His people in the biblical period. Yet, they are still observed to the present day by many Jewish people in Israel and Jewish communities outside of the Land, the Diaspora.

Communities and families are brought together and once more are mindful of the rich biblical fountain these Feasts flow from. A remembrance of covenant, separation, revelation, celebration and, ultimately, redemption.

During my years as a resident of Jerusalem, I had the both the privilege and joy to participate in all these Fall Feasts and to gain fresh insights into their meaning and significance for believers. I came to appreciate in a more profound way the dealings of God with Israel, their unique role in history and my place in God's eternal purposes.

There is no salvific merit for believers in keeping these Feasts nor are they obligatory upon us in the present gospel era. However, as they are the 'Feasts of the Lord', there is much for all the Lord's people to gain from going beyond a superficial reading of them to a deeper appreciation of the truths they contain.

By understanding God's original intent behind the Fall Feasts and studying them with an eye to spiritual enrichment and remembrance, they can be beneficial as an aid to focussing on the Lord's work in us at present and in the prophetic fulfilment they surely herald in the coming age.

These notes were originally published on our website as separate teaching articles but have now been formatted into a convenient portable document for reading and encouraging the reader to study further on the individual feasts presented here.

I encourage you to read through these notes and appropriate for yourself the aspects of them that speak most to you, with the hope that they too will bless and edify you as they have for done me at every remembrance of them.

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