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Middle East Update #001

This Middle East Update looks at the current wave of incited terror and murder directed against Israel by Palestinians and the larger context for the violence. Prayer points included.

Middle East Update #002

This Middle East Update continues analysing the security situation in Israel, incitement and the assasination of Samir Kuntar in Damascus. Its Christmas but there seems little cheer in the Middle East if you are looking in the wrong place.

Middle East Update #003

This Middle East Update was recorded at a recent event where we shared on the current situation in the Middle East, how events on the ground relate to Israel and ultimately, what all things are pointing toward. Listen.

Middle East Update #004

Attack in Tel Aviv kills four; Israel celebrates 49 years of a reunited Jerusalem; and thoughts on the latest peace initiatives hosted by France in Paris with catastrophic flooding hitting the area of the talks at the same time: coincidence?

Middle East Update #005

Rocket attacks from Gaza, new escalation? Turkey enters Syria to deal with IS but also settle scores with Kurd groups. Coming elections in the West Bank and Gaza - implications for Israel? Listen now for an update

Middle East Update #006

Latest events in Syria and Iraq Russia's impact in Middle East conflicts and the renewing of a cold war between east and west. ISIS loses territory and the UNESCO vote, denying Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. Listen now.

Middle East Update #007

The battle for Mosul is under way; the future of Syria and Iraq and the implications for Israel; the flexing of Russian might and its goals in the Middle East and the coming US presidential election. Listen now.

Middle East Update #008

Mosul and Aleppo. Plus the Balfour Declaration by Britain, 99 years ago, towards facilitating a homeland for the Jews, was an important marker to Israel's statehood. What was this declaration? Listen now.

Middle East Update #009

Americans voted their next president, Donald Trump. An outsider to incoming Chief Of Staff of the world's most powerful nation. What Middle East challenges does he face and will he be a strong friend of Israel?

Middle East Update #010

We focus on the raging fires that are sweeping across Israel at present. Dry summer and hot winds may be the cause but many reports point to arson being the culprit. Haifa, Jerusalem and other places in the path of destruction. Pray!

Middle East Update #011

Last weeks destructive fires across Israel are brought under control and the costs assessed. Also, the anniversary of the 1947 UN vote in favour to partition Palestine; a nation is born in a day! A look at this fulfilment of prophecy.

Middle East Update #012

Humanitarian crisis as the siege of Aleppo by Assad, Russia and Iran enters the final phase - what is happening on the ground and possible future outcomes? A suicide bomber claims 25 in Cairo Coptic church. Listen now.

Middle East Update #013

Israel remembers its fallen then celebrates 69 years of independence as the only Jewish state in the Middle East; same threats of war and terrorism today; Iran & Hamas reviewed; Trumps' 100 days and the 2 state solution. Listen now.

Middle East Update #014

Turkey's Erdogan critcises Israeli control of Jersualem and muslim restrictions; again UNESCO erasing further the Jewish connection to the Land and Jerusalem; Carmel Pastor David Davis passes away - a life remembered. Listen now.

Middle East Update #015

London attacks influence UK election? Deadly terror in Tehran, ISIS strikes; Division among Gulf states as Qatar isolated by others; Threats on Israel's borders persist; Jerusalem's unification at 50 and Ramadan thoughts. Listen now.

Middle East Update #016

ISIS lose Mosul as Iraq claims victory. The demise of ISIS? Iran stands to win big when the Middle East is redrawn. Why? Gaza 10 years under Hamas but misery abounds; and tourism in Israel up and growing. Prayer points included. Listen now.