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Dateline Jerusalem

In Dateline Jerusalem, CBN News correspondent Chris Mitchell connects the dots and unveils Jerusalem as the epicentre and crossroads of the spiritual, political and, yes, supernatural worlds.

Jerusalem Dateline 11 July 2016

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu makes a historic visit to Africa. Plus find out what can be done to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East. And see what a life size replica of Noah's Ark looks like.

Jerusalem Dateline 18 July 2016

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: terror strikes France again; and Iran, the big winner a year after nuclear deal; plus a wake-up call: stand on your Judeo-Christian values to defeat terror; and it will blow your mind what these Gaza kids are learning.

Jerusalem Dateline 25 July 2016

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: why Christians came to Israel to show support and solidarity; how Israel has become a safe haven for persecuted Christians in the Middle East; and discover the role played by Christians in the establishment of the modern State of Israel.

Jerusalem Dateline 01 August 2016

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: an in-depth look at Christian persecution in the Middle East; some say it's the elimination of Christianity in the place of its birth; plus why is the Western church silent?; and what you can do to help.

Jerusalem Dateline 16 August 2016

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: five years of Syrian civil war and no end in sight; and the Yazidis - brutally attacked by ISIS but who are they? plus what it's like to live on the Mount of Olives, known as the mountain of history.

Jerusalem Dateline 29 August 2016

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: ISIS uses a child suicide bomber to kill dozens at Turkey wedding; the picture that reminded the world of the horrific Syrian civil war; and Ben-Hur, why producers say it was time to remake this story of faith.

Jerusalem Dateline 05 September 2016

This week on Jerusalem Dateline: Iran deploys sophisticated air defense to protect nuclear site; and top ISIS leader killed in air strike; plus could revived ancient plants be used in a third temple? and miracle return of Jewish people continues.

Jerusalem Dateline 05 December 2016

This week: Israel suffers some of the most devasting fires in its history; plus muslim miltants strike at a Christian church in the heart of Jerusalem; plus a look at the terror group, ISIS, the most brutal Islamic group of our time.

Jerusalem Dateline 03 January 2017

This week: a look at 2016 from the ravages of ISIS to the return of Christians to their villages in Iraq; and president-elect Trump: how will he deal with Middle East? plus the UN says no Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.

Jerusalem Dateline 13 March 2017

This week: Jewish people and Palestinian Arabs both claim ownership of the land of Israel, but whose land is it? We take a look at the Jewish claims to the land of Israel, the real story behind history?s oldest land dispute.

Jerusalem Dateline 15 May 2017

This week: World summit meets to defend Christians facing unprecedented persecution; the miracle of the Six-Day War answering prayers of millions of Jews throughout the generations; birds eye view of Masada and the Dead Sea.

Jerusalem Dateline 26 June 2017

This week: NFL Hall of Famers take Israel by storm and find something special; plus Scott Ross takes to the streets to talk to Israelis about Jerusalem and the Six-Day War; and a look at how help is reaching refugees of the Syrian civil war.

Jerusalem Dateline 03 July 2017

This week: Interview with US Ambassador Friedman says US-Israel relations extraordinary; first in 25 yrs: new Jewish community breaks ground in biblical heartland and Ismail's story: a Syrian refugee finds hope and new beginning.