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Ministry Update Monday 24 August 2015    Tuesday 25th August 2015  

Please be sure to read our most recent ministry update and find out what any thing you may have missed.
Includes some news about our Discovery & Destiny Israel Tour 2016!
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The Days Of Noah    Monday 24th August 2015  

Jesus likened the days immediately before His return as being like the "days of Noah". Could it be that we live in a similar generation as Jesus described Noah's? If so, now what? We give an overview of the state of world affairs and make objective comparison between culture and humanity in Noah's time, precipitating the flood and the days we now live in. Is there a disturbing correspondence between the two? You decide.
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Iran's Vision For Israel    Wednesday 12th August 2015  

There's a lot of news about Iran and the recent nuclear deal but the regime's goals go far beyond the acquistion of arms. Israel is firmly on the Ayatollah's 'Must Have' list as Khamenei outlines his 'vision' for Israel in his new book, 'Palestine'.
Read the details of it here.

Ministry Update Friday 31 July 2015    Friday 31st July 2015  

Our Ministry Update has just gone live, so please follow the link below to find out the latest relevant news from Return To Zion.
Includes an update on our planned Israel 2016 Tour!
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Dateline Jerusalem Book Review    Wednesday 29th July 2015  

'Dateline Jerusalem' by CBN Bureau Chief, Chris Mitchell, reviewed and live. Nichola Baillie gives an overview of the book's contents and an encouragement to action.
You can read the review right here...

The Recent Iran Nuclear Deal Explained    Tuesday 28th July 2015  

The representative world powers, P5+1, recently concluded a deal with Iran over the limits of its intended nuclear program.
The deal disturbs us on a number of levels which we have outlined in an article we posted last week. Be sure to read that by clicking here.
Prayer points are included for guidance at the end.
Please share this link with others who may not be aware of the implications of this deal.

Return to zion goes last!    Wednesday 22nd July 2015  

If you are on this site now, you will already know that Return To Zion is live! It's taken a few months for the vision to be realised but it has happened and we are grateful to God for bringing it about.
Be sure to spread the word about RTZ - content is being added all the time and our prayer is that it will inform and encourage you.
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