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Europe's Rising Anti-Semitism    Tuesday 26th January 2016  

With irreversible changes happening in Europe due to migration, what are the prospects for Jewish communities? The rise of anti-semitism across Europe is alarming and the shift in the demographics presents a worrying future.

Iran Sanctions End    Monday 18th January 2016  

According to the IAEA, Iran has now satisfied the requirements for all sanctions to be removed against it, outlined in last year's P5+ 1 Nuclear Accord. What has Iran done exactly and how does this shape things for the future of the Middle East, Israel and the West?

The Church In Iran    Thursday 31st December 2015  

Iranian Christians have been under official persecution for a long time yet despite this, real growth is happening in the Church, throughout Iran. We explore some of the factors behind this encouraging news against the backdrop of intimidation.

Middle East Update #002    Tuesday 22nd December 2015  

This Middle East Update continues analysing the security situation in Israel, incitement and the assasination of Samir Kundar in Damascus. Its Christmas but there seems little cheer in the Middle East if you are looking in the wrong place.

Ministry Update    Tuesday 8th December 2015  

Nichola Baillie interviews Ian Jupp about the vision of Return To Zion and an overview of why we do what we do!
Question and answer format - please listen to this update to understand more about our mandate and what resources are available to you through the Return To Zion website.
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The Violence Continues In Israel    Monday 23rd November 2015  

A video update covering the ongoing wave of terror against Israelis and Jews, undertaken by Palestinian Arabs explicitly provoked by official endorsement from the Palestinian leadership. The cycle must end!
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Fall Feasts Study Resource    Thursday 15th October 2015  

We have combined our three Fall Feasts teachings into one convenient study resource, ready to use. You can download it immediately in either PDF or Kindle format.
Simply choose the download option and click to get access.
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Fall Feasts: Feast Of Tabernacles    Tuesday 29th September 2015  

The third and final of our Fall Feasts Series, The Feast Of Tabernacles, is now online.
The most joyous feast in the Jewish calendar; full of significance and prophetic insight for all believers in regard to the Lord coming to tabernacle with man, then and in the coming age!
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Fall Feasts Teaching Series    Thursday 3rd September 2015  

In our series on the Fall Feasts of Israel, we study the Feast Of Trumpets, Rosh HaShanah, and understand it historically then to the future fulfillment the Feast surely looks forward to.
First in the series now published here on RTZ.
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Discovery & Destiny Tour Israel 2016    Thursday 3rd September 2015  

Our 2016 Israel Tour is now live and taking bookings! You can view our beautiful online brochure, read all about the Tour and where you will be going and then make a booking online with our secure payment system.
All that is required to guarantee your place is a $200 deposit. The full balance is payable by March 3, 2016.
Places are very limited, so find out more today about this unique Tour, designed just for you.
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