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The Wave Of Terror And Silence

Summary: The violence against Israel and Jews continues unabated this week as more attacks hit the streets. Where is the condemnation from the UN, EU and world leaders? The silence is deafening and smacks of smug collusion.

Deliver me, O Lord, from evil men; preserve me from violent men."
Psalm 140:1

Terror continues to strike Israel today as terrorists attempted to run over a policeman and civilians near the Damascus Gate. Both attackers were shot dead by the Police.

The attack continues the deadly onslaught being waged against Israelis and Jews throughout Israel. This week alone the figures show at least one dead and over 15 people wounded, many seriously. Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Petach Tikva have all seen casualties and tensions run high.

Again, it puts the Palestinian Authority under scrutiny in how they deal with the relentless violence against Israelis. But don't hold your breath. Until now, the official response from the Palestinian leadership is to praise attackers, claim their noble blood has been spilled for a holy cause and to meet with the families of these murderers to sought out compensation payments for their loved ones' brave martyrdom.

In other words, cold blooded murder has the full endorsement of Mahmoud Abbas and his impotent colleagues, safely tucked away in his tax dollar/euro funded palace in Ramallah. And it pays big time is the message to would-be suicide seekers.

Joe Biden, the US Vice President, currently on an official visit to Israel, strongly condemned the attacks. He was nearby to Jaffa when American citizen, Taylor Force, was stabbed to death on Jaffa's boardwalk on Tuesday, 8th March. Eleven others were wounded.

Biden, in a press conference, stated: "Let me say in no uncertain terms: The United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts. This cannot become an accepted modus operandi."

However, this is exactly the Palestinian modus operandi and they are literally getting away with murder while besotted liberals and institutes in the West vilify Israel at the expense of truth and facts on the ground.

There is no let up in the daily death ritual that Israel is having to face. Yet, much of the West remains indifferent to the scale and brutality of this tragedy. Detractors accuse Israel of apartheid and occupation and hence the smug justification they feel for the perceived motives behind frustrated Palestinian acts of violence.
Rubbish: this is pure Jew hatred. Always was and always will be.

Despite over well over 300 attacks against innocent Israelis in this round of violence, the United Nations remains passive to the murder spree. Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, has demaned that the UN unconditionally condemn the brutal stabbings.

"This ongoing wave of terror has claimed the lives of 34 victims - 34 fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, buried by their loved ones. Yet, the Security Council has not condemned Palestinian terror even once", Danon remarked.

It is time for the UN, EU and others to firmly close the tap of finances that flows endlessly and without accountability, to the inept, condoning Palestinian Authority. Doing so, will be a strong incentive for at least some action and a kick up the backside for the intransigence that so marks the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas.

Enough is enough. Stop the murder already!

Pray that this wave of violence is quickly brought to an end; the PA is culpable in its silence to condemn wholesale the numbers of Palestinian men, women, teenagers who kill innocent Jewish victims.

Pray against the spirit of violence that has been unleashed in what many believe is the Third Intifada against Israel; that it will be silenced and attacks thwarted.

Pray for the very few Palestinians who are speaking against this and understand what is at stake here. Human rights activist, Bassem Eid, is one such voice on what Palestinian life could be like at peace with Israel. Read His Position Here...

Because of the violence done to your brother Jacob, shame shall cover you, and you shall be cut off forever."
Obadiah 1:10

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