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RTZ Celebrates One Year Birthday!

Summary: RTZ is one year old and we have witnessed a changing world, bringing with it increased uncertainty but the days of prophetic fufillment ever more certain. A massive thank you to those who have sustained us in prayer and other ways.

Happy Birthday Return To Zion!

One year ago, back in July 2015, we put into action a vision and mandate that I had personally felt from the Lord for almost 25 years.

This was to bring my heart for Israel and the Middle East into a more public focus; to faciliate awareness about the biblical and prophetic issues at stake through articles, teachings, blogs, audio, video, speaking, etc.

As the year has passed, we have felt a tremendous sense of joy and fulfillment undertaking the day to day ministry and working out the Mandate the Lord has given us here at Return To Zion Ministries.

However, over this past year, we have also witnessed increasing terror, encroaching darkness and Israel and the believing Church facing troubling times ahead. The world, as it appears to us, is ablaze with elements hell bent on destruction; of God's people and God's purposes.

We have our work cut out in the next twelve months but we are determined to pursue our Mandate, however inconvenient the truths may be and whatever the personal cost may be.

Thank you for following Return To Zion Ministries in these infant beginnings over the past year. We have grown but desire so much more to get our message beyond what we currently reach.

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We are both mindful and grateful for the Lord's grace in our lives these past twelve months as we have pursued His will, publishing what we believe is timely content and encouraging many to wake up to the tremendous events taking place in the world today and their biblical significance.

Thank you for standing with us and praying for our activities.
May the Lord grant this next twelve months to be fruitful building on the foundations He has blessed!

The Lord bless you richly out of Zion...

Ian & Nichola Yael Jupp
Return To Zion Ministries

About Ian Jupp

Ian Jupp is Executive Director of Return To Zion Ministries.
Ian's experience as a communicator, pastor, writer, teacher and his understanding of the Middle East, Israel, The Church and God's purposes, place him in a unique position to provide timely commentary on the urgent, prophetic events that are unfolding in our day.
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