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Fri 14th July 2017  

Points for prayer gathered from events and news over the past week. This week: Terror again strikes in the heart of Jerusalem and Temple Mount; Mosul is liberated but what is coming; and thanking God for visitor increase to Israel.

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Thu 13th July 2017  

ISIS lose Mosul as Iraq claims victory. The demise of ISIS? Iran stands to win big when the Middle East is redrawn. Why? Gaza 10 years under Hamas but misery abounds; and tourism in Israel up and growing. Prayer points included. Listen now.

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Mon 3rd July 2017  

This week: Interview with US Ambassador Friedman says US-Israel relations extraordinary; first in 25 yrs: new Jewish community breaks ground in biblical heartland and Ismail's story: a Syrian refugee finds hope and new beginning.

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Mon 26th June 2017  

Filmed in the Tabernacle in Israel, Messianic worship artist Sarah Liberman sings of the power of the blood. From the album "I am Before You". A beautiful worship song that captures approaching the holiness of God. Listen Now & Share.

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Mon 26th June 2017  

This week: NFL Hall of Famers take Israel by storm and find something special; plus Scott Ross takes to the streets to talk to Israelis about Jerusalem and the Six-Day War; and a look at how help is reaching refugees of the Syrian civil war.

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Fri 23rd June 2017  

The isolation of Qatar by fellow Gulf states has given an opportunity for Turkey to step into the breach and offer support. Why is Qatar an ally and what lies behind this in regard to Turkey's bigger Middle East goals? Find out.

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God's Covenants

Because of God's covenantal love for Israel, He swore to the patriarchs to give them the Land of Israel forever and to be their God.

The Scriptural Promises

The prophets spoke of a last days gathering in of the Jewish people from the ends of the earth; this has happened according to the promises spoken in God's Word.

The Gentile Debt

The Church has not replaced Israel. The apostle Paul affirms we have been wonderfully grafted into the olive tree that is Israel, the Jewish people.

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